Lift a chestnut! Tableau Trise (116): Be a fun tapered column chart
published: 2021-06-07 17:52

There is a very interesting demand for Tableau users: the pillar map is too ordinary, can you make every column is large, small below, like a cone?

Coincidentally, I have encountered the same needs, with Tableau to realize a cylindrical chart like fireworks (as shown below), the white smoke below the fireworks is actually a cone column.

Today, let's share: How to make your cylindrical chart into a tapered?

The Tableau tricks that "Holding a Chestnut" in this issue, Tableau tricks to share with you are: do an interesting tapered column chart.

For easy learning, chestnuts use the sample of Tableau to bring the sample - supermarket data source.

Specific steps are as follows:

1、data preparation

First, aggregate data to subcategories; copy one data, add two fields, and give values as shown below.


2、Create a column chart

Next, we drag the subcategory to row, dragging sales into columns, and create a common column chart.


3、Realize cone

Then, change the tag to the line, then drag the size to the size and drag the regulatory path.


4、Set format

Finally, we resize, background colors, and make the grid lines.


In this way, a tapered column chart is completed.



If you want to achieve, the effect of "Fireworks Lift" in front of me, you need to find a similar fireworks picture to complete the custom shape.


Then, then dragging the sales to row (at this time, there are two sales above).

The label of the right side is changed to the shape and use our custom fireworks.


Finally, the double-axis-synchronous axis is selected, and the presence of fireworks is high.


This issue of Tableau skills, have you get? Try it quickly!